We take pride in our Strong Shed products. Our goal is to provide a variety of shed styles and sizes to satisfy our customers needs for an unbeatable price. Our customers feel confident in Strong Shed's products with our included Shed warranty. Check out our awesome pricing and choose the shed style that fits your needs. If you can't find it, tell us about your project and we'll build it.  

Strong Shed Products

We specialize in satisfaction guranteed. That is just how good our sheds are. Ask about our shed Warranty

What Materials Goes into Our Sheds?

Each STRONG SHED is built with quality materials so that your shed will look beautiful for years to come. Metal sheds dent fairly easy, plastic sheds fall apart after a year or so, and some wood sheds are not primed and painted properly. We make sure none of these happen because STRONG SHED'S maintain their great appearance for years to come. These buildings are strong enough to withstand wind loads up to 90 mph and ground snow loads of 85lbs per square foot.


  • Runners- 4x4 Pressure Treated Lumber (floor sits on runners so your shed will never rot out)
  • Floor Joist- 2x4 or 2x6 Douglas Fir spaced 12" on center 
  • Floor- 19/32" or 3/4" OSB


  • Studs- 2x4 Douglas Fir Spaced 24" on center (16" on center upon request)
  • Sheeting- LP Smart Panel OSB Siding 7/16" Thick (Pre-primed to hold up against harsh weather)


  • Trusses- 2x4 Custom Made Trussed Spaced 24" on center (16" on center for Island Park & other heavy snow load areas)
  • Sheeting- 7/16" OSB Roof Sheathing 
  • Shingles- Lifetime Warranty architectural shingles come standard on all sheds. (Metal roof upon request)


  • Custom made wood door with trim- Standard Doors are 5'10" on 6ft walls and 6'3" on 7ft and 8ft wall sheds. (Doors are custom made to fit any size ask for details)


**Any Custom Buildings or Building Sizes larger than a 12x20 please request a quote